fill out our motherfucking survey and tell us how much we suck on the fetid tuna-taco tip, beotch!!
who are you?
how old are you?
how did you find

do you wanna be on messy's e-mail list, which includes info about upcoming events, website updates and weekly radio announcements.?
hell no

your e-mail...
what do you want?

what do you think of this site?
sucks worse than your crack whore mother who smokes crack and i saw her once with my crack-head dog that has a skin disease and they were smoking crack ....oh....what?
kinda' sucks, but it's better than the smell of burning fetal ass hair, lemme' tell just never comes out of your clothes!
i like it, but dame edna is way cooler
holy dickchops!! my throbbing boner is the size of satan's raging fist of agonizing, kung-foo fury!!

Ms. Stench should put this on her site...
"next tattoo" contest

a chat room

a message board

directions to messy's house......for stalking purposes

more pics

what else?

what should messy have to pierce next?
(results will be tallied next time messy wants a piercing [soon, folks, so cast those votes!] and the results will be published in the recent news! how's THAT for entertainment??
see what they'd look like-->
A. upper lip, beauty-mark stylee!
B. tongue
C. septum - like the hogs on poppy's farm!!
D. the chin dimple...i think it's technically called a "labret"
E. the other eyebrow

are you willing to become part of the messy mafia?
oui oui ( that means yes, dumbass )
hell no, i couldn't HANDLE the sexiness!
no really...
would you be interested in flyering, stickering and promoting the stench in your city? we're being serious for once, folks. cherish this moment, cuz' it WILL be fleeting.

have you listened to Craptabulous yet? go here --> if you dont' know what we're talking about.

if you HAVE, what do you think?
it's stupid and immature, like my preteen redneck whore.
it wasnt' as good as richard simmons naked, but i'll cope.
i'm as indiferent as a $20 ho.
amusing. you made me crack a smile, you bitch!
holy christ! the humor that is Messy Stench made me projectile-poop in my fancy pantaloons!

if you care to, explain how you feel about Craptabulous, the radio show...

who was your favorite radio guest so far?
mr. boffo greasy tuckers
curtis dr. broun suga'
tyrone lazlo paniflex
nico suave mimis polyglattus
farm boy lappy labia
leonad laid duke macswoon
fuck the ass-raping ninja
kumar eustachian
kid entropy sarah pilkington
gwar mattron dj shewolf
the berzerker candyxXx
jorge terrordactyl moira cue
flux cap-ass-itor alex zander
disco-bitch good lookin' guy club
peaches capt. stretchmarks
dookie princess izzy
my robot friend prime duchess
lloyd kaufman jen muse
weasel walter dave navarro
society 1 ??
why not?

do you listen to any other shows on radio satan 666 --> or kill radio -->?
i have dickcheese for brains!

wanna' talk about your and/or experience?
pee off.

if the sun is setting behind beautiful clouds of purple and gold, you are sitting on a cliff overlooking the blue carribbean with dolphins and whales dancing in the foamy waves, the champagne glass a-sparkle with exquisite drink, and you are on your knees in front of Messy and can say anything you want, what would it be? oh, and by the way, she's standing above you, laughing at your pathetic state, holding a squirtgun shaped like a diseased midget cock, filled with LSD to your temple...because this whole scene is shit and if this is your idea of a perfect setting to talk to the one and only Messy Stench, you are just BEGGING to be fucked up.