wednesday, 3/7/01
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so here i am in my web design class...
*sigh*...we're learning about the crappiness of frames, so i refuse to participate, though i give props to the teacher for putting up with teaching such a thing, even though he, as well as any other web designer with half a brain, doesn't believe in them. um, okay, i shouldn't type while he's speaking... i don't really have anything of any interest to talk about right now, i'm just trying to get this web class shit straight, which tends to be quite difficult for us retards. i can't even write legibly.

i'm in a slight state of disarray cuz im trying out a new pair of tights i bought at a really cheap drag-queen store called Beatnix (on the corner of Roscoe and Halsted, i think), and they're so bright, i don't know if i'm down. every time i glance down towards my legs, i start hallucinating from the pretty bright stripes of nuclear-toxic gre
meg•a•lo•ma•ni•a (mêg’e-ló-mâné-, -mân’ye) n.

1.A psychopathological condition in which delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence predominate.
2.An obsession with grandiose or extravagant things or actions.
so i have noticed that me and my roommate had a little falling-out a few months ago that lasted a few months. i think it's cuz' of the whole smoker/non-smoker debate we've got goin' on. i was gonna' rip off his head and dump down his throat, but instead, i had him on my radio show and we had a blast....things are resolved, i think. Lappy Labia is his name. he used to be my "technical assistant", but i had him on as a "guest" the other night. i bumped him from technical assistant cuz' of this falling-out we had. i don't think i could take any more of him than i was already receiving.

he calls me a megalomaniac all the time, and then shakes his head with his eyes lowered, like that's a bad thing to be. fuck it, i'm having a blast! so screw anyone with my kung-foo fist of death, who tries to get in my way of thought or action...ya know? fuck it!
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