thursday, 3/29/01
man, i'm in one of my art history classes and i'm falling asleep again. this fuckin' lady is so pretentiously boring, that i keep going to the bathroom to take shits to amuse myself.

speaking of shits, i took a bunch of laxatives last night.
because i'm so stressed i can't shit...
i never took shit-pills before and thought it might be fun.
Since i've never taken them before and don't really know how they work, i took a whole bunch, just to go overboard, and it has been quite handy today, giving me excuses to duck out of class every few minutes...heh heh heh.

but it's really easy to shit your pants and i'm not quite used to that. if someone offered me $10 to crap myself, i think i'd accept, just cuz' i only have a dollar in my pocket and i'm hungry, but still have to buy sodee-pop. it would be kinda' messy and stinky, but at least nobody would talk to me. man, i hate people right now.
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