so valentine's day wasn't as bad as it usually is. duke macswoon was my official valentine, though i got a few informal offers. this is us, gearing up for an intense evening filled with severe pimpin':
he actually made me the greatest valentine i've ever received. a spray-painted gold/silver/gray box with a calf-heart inside and 2 roses laid on top. yes, a real cow heart. its presently thawing on my back porch as we speak. ventricles & aortas are good fun to play with . . . all the tubes & clots & squishy things

reminds me of science class in middle school when we dissected pig hearts. me, being a dumbass, forgot my god-damned rubber gloves, but i guess i just didn't give a fuck cuz' i dissected that bitch anyways. then i got yelled at for throwing blood clots - seems that's not a "normal" thing for a girl to do.

* oops *


click here to see it -->
here's a closeup for all you veggies out there -->
i'm just usually with some dude that ignores v-day, blaming their forgetfulness on big business (hallmark holiday is the catchy phrase they like to use).

then fucking surprise me, motherfucker
"but i don't BELIEVE in valentine's day, hon??!! why do we need a calendar event to do something special for one another? we should surprise each other - make it really special."
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