click "show" above to open the stream! tune in to hear messy's internet radio show, live twice a week and replayed 10 times the following week - see the schedule below for details. this is INTERNET radio, folks, so anyone in the world with an internet connection can hear the corruption. along with impeccable setlists, messy peppers her shows with that delectable potty talk we all know and love. don't be surprised to meet other questionable characters, since messy brings many of her partners-in-crime on the show as guests. yes folks, you WILL be amused.

what's that terrible smell? it's messy LIVE in the chat room! expect to find her here during her live radio shows! click on "the show" above, then all you have to do is type in your name and start chatting.

MAKE SURE to make requests via the link below... messy preps her setlists ahead of time and countless retards chanting that they want to hear acdc in her chat does nobody any good. REQUEST AHEAD OF TIME!

see what's dripping from messy's crusty panties when she's ON THE AIR with her radiocam. woo WOOOOOOO!

past guests/cohosts: dave navarro, kmfdm (2x), peaches, gwar, combichrist, obituary, my robot friend, david vincent from genitorturers and morbid angel, society 1 (2x), rob gee, the berzerker, theo from the lunachicks, lloyd kaufman of troma films, kid entropy, the ass raping ninja, eustachian, weasel walter, hate eternal and countless other personalities.

some history: while attending the school of the art institute of chicago -->, messy joined up with the school's radio station, where craptabulous was birthed like a screaming mutant abortion survivor. since may 2004, craptabulous is now being simulcast on -->, 10 times a week!! with interactive forums, chat and enough evil motherfuckers to make your grandmother's head spin, radio satan has all your aural satisfactoral needs COVERED!! as soon as messy moved to los angeles, she started up with -->, an independent station filled with crazy yahoos, where she fit RIGHT in! was soon to follow, requesting the stench's presence in their den of metal. after messy pissed off too many people at knac, dave navarro, after guesting on her radio show, started his OWN radio station, inviting messy to be one of the first DJs to add to the cornucopia of filth that is spread radio -->>
thursday 12-2pm PST
sunday 12-2pm PST>
times vary frequently- please check the radio satan for updates.
choose from messy's ample supply of kickass music. if she receives your request in time, she will play it on her next LIVE show (see "the show" link above). get them in by wednesday eve, or it will be played the week after. if you don't know the song to type in manually, find it online. don't bitch at messy - it's not her fault we're too lazy to type in all the songlists. pah!!
order any one of these radio broadcasts from the past, for only $9.00 per cd set! what a deal! we will be updating constantly, until we've got them all. if playlists or song titles are listed incorrectly, let us know. then fuck off and find something better to do.