~!~ filthy socks ~!~

item # 2366611

much more disgusting than the "dirty" variety, these can only be stomached by the bravest of all foot fetishists. worn for approximately 3 days to a week, they'll arrive in your mailbox moist and full of flava'! available in various styles, colors and materials, so let us know if you want something special. try not to vomit, kiddies!


as of now, the only payments we accept are mailed money orders and cash OR money independently sent through P@Y P@L to messy's agent.

mail money orders made out to "messy stench" or well hidden cash to:
messy stench
po box 2233
hollywood, ca 90078

include your email, mailing address, name, the item number and name in your order. we will contact you via email for confirmation.

for p@ypAL orders, email us for payment info:

click here for p@ypAL info

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