t-shirts, mousepads, and mugs, oh my! you fucking fruit, if you're concerned about appearances, you can buy this shit to tote around your boring & mundane life. represent, motherfuckers!

yeah, so you can buy any byproduct of Miss Messy for LOW, LOW prices!! recently discounted, up to 90% because WE CARE about the economic crisis going on in the U.S. and believe that perverts deserve treats, no matter what dipshit is in the whitehouse! keep in mind, this is Messy Stench we're selling, not some dime-a-dozen webcam panty slut! to order, peruse the pricelist and click on the thumbnails for the products you're interested in. read our howto --> to figure out how to place an order if you're serious (cuz' we sure as fuck are, asshole). everything can be customized, so go for it! we are 100% professional and confidential at craptabulous, so no worries. everything for sale is 100% authentic and personally produced by the Stench herself.

disclaimer: clicking any of the links on this page or placing an order with us means you have read and agree to the terms listed on this webpage. we are not responsible for what you choose to do with the items purchased on this site. there is no guarantee as to the state of messy's health - this is biohazardous material and we do not guarantee that her fluids are free from disease or any other communicable sickness, though if anything is detected, the information will be made public here. you may not use any items ordered on this site to inflict mental, physical or social harm to messy. you may not use any items ordered on this site for any scientific experimentation without the consent of messy stench. this includes ANY dna, bloodwork or any other testing of her bodily byproducts...this rule extends to cloning as well. no refunds, returns or exchanges. we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. any images sent to you or used on this site are copyrighted materials. if any of these images, printouts, photos or illustrations are published or used (via internet, email, magazines, photography, etc.) without our signed consent, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. and now that we've COVERED our fine asses . . .

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dirty panty $15 various panty colors and brands. available in thong or bikini.
FILTHY panty $25 "
pee pantiies $30 "
buttsmear panty $50 "
sexed-in panty $60 "
bloody pantiies $50 "
bike shorts $60 spandex bike shorts in black, with crotch/butt padding that absorbs a LOT - the most potent smelling item on our list, folks!
used tampon $15 unscented tampons
used pantiliner $10 unscented thin
used condom $70 durex thin - from a gay dildo
dirty socks $10 ankle-length cotton, various colors.
FILTHY socks $15 "
stockings $25 thigh highs or pantyhose, any style or color requested.
toenail clippings $10 from one foot
boot insoles $30 gel insoles with fabric covering, worn approx. 2 mos. through workouts & daily activity.
earswab $5 ear wax, YUM
hanky $20 various colors and fabrics, filled with snotty booger goodness!
fake eyelashes $10 approx. 5 wears, various styles.
forehead star $5 1 wear, various sizes, colors and materials.
hair clip $5 plastic or metal, various colors and shapes.
LIMITED STOCK!! REAL dreadlock $75 approx. 6 inches of REAL messy dreadlock, filled with YEARS of funk!
lipstick blotting $5 on tissue, various colors
rubber bands $5 handful of rubber bands that messy uses to hold in her extensions for months at a time.
colored extension $20 blue, green, black, white or red plastic extension, worn from 3 mo. to 3 yrs.
cigarette butts $10 3 smoked cigarette butts w/ lipstick stains
1 oz. spit $25 untainted, great for lube!
fingernail clippings $10 from one hand, possible nail polish
bandage $30 with bloodstains
shaver razor blade $10 used for approx. 3 shavings of legs, bikini & pits.
bra $30 worn approx. 2 weeks, various colors/materials in a size 34A bra.
double radio cd $10 choose from 6 years of weekly 2 hour radio broadcasts!
print these items are VERY collectible for messy stench fans!
LIMITED STOCK!! messy pinuptoon #1 $15 8x10 glossy, signed image by pinuptoons.com
LIMITED STOCK!! messy pinuptoon #2 $15 8x10 glossy, signed image by pinuptoons.com
LIMITED STOCK!! 6 stickers $6 what a fuckin' deal! each plastic-coated, weather resistant sticker approx. 3x2 inches.
LIMITED STOCK!! hack slash: comic book carnage $12 messy is one of the main characters, strips and gets KILLED in this awesome 48 page, color comic book!
LIMITED STOCK!! lovebunny & mr. hell comic book $20 the first comic book messy appears in, with a small cameo and inspiration for "industrielle"
LIMITED STOCK!! mass appeal mag $20 messy appears as #27's full color "miss thang" with interview and photos
LIMITED STOCK!! outsider insight zine $5 scrapper rag zine by radio fan, mr. john - interview and photos
LIMITED STOCK!! superbitch mag $8 color cover, b/w centerfold and 7 page b/w photo spread
LIMITED STOCK!! unscene '05 calendar $5 full color, 11x17 glossy calendar with great design and hot goth beeotches!
LIMITED STOCK!! skin and ink mag $12 2 photos in the october '05 issue of skin and ink
photo prints $20 8x10 photo glossy, signed.
signature free all print items come with messy's signature, unless you specify not to.... jerk.
ONLY ONE AVAILABLE! black tank $10 "my other ride is your mom" from fu-qtoo.com
ONLY ONE AVAILABLE! black baby t $10 "be grim" t shirt by gris grimley
ONLY ONE AVAILABLE! olive baby t $15 "jumping joan plays alone" by gris grimley
ONLY ONE AVAILABLE! black baby t $10 "mary mary quietly buried all her maids in a row" by gris grimley
SOLD! lg white t $5 wild 'n' out t-shirt from nick cannon's new mtv show, wild 'n' out.